When we started SMD Technosol, we just knew one thing – the passion to build our own business. With this passion driving us, we stumbled, walked over, crossed, and jumped across the various hurdles we did not know was going to come our way. These hurdles truly define the journey of an entrepreneur.

With years of experience behind us, we now want to make this journey easier for other entrepreneurs. We know the biggest pain points when you start on your own, and we know how to resolve these pain points so that you can focus on your expertise and your offering.

Over the course of setting up our organization, we understood that it is very important to not let things stagnate. We strongly believe in allowing energy to flow, and hence look at everything like a flow – a flow that is clear of bottlenecks and stumbling blocks that will help you keep moving your business ahead. So, we came up with a flow to support your entrepreneurial journey. We promise that this flow will generate the best results for you.

All-round support to
help your business grow

01 Step

Have you identified a problem that potentially needs a solution? Or do you already have a product idea? A successful business ideally solves a problem and keeps fine-tuning the solution until it truly resolves the issue that you started with. We will work with you in the ideation stage by organizing scoping and brainstorming sessions, to help you come out with a viable idea for your business. We strongly believe in the value that cross-functional teams bring at every stage of a business, so we provide you with access to a cross-functional team in the ideation stage itself to enable conversations, discussions, and criticism.

Do you want to discuss your business idea or are you a freelancer that wishes to organize their business?
We could help you with making your time more profitable.